Valheim: How to Farm Soft Tissue - Guide black metal axe

If you’re playing Valheim and need to know how to farm soft tissue, you’re probably already pretty far through the game. It’s a late-game item used to craft Refined eitr and can only be found in the Mistlands. You will need specific tools and the mettle to deal with some seriously adverse conditions. You can check our guide on how to get started.

Before you even begin your quest, make sure you have, at the very least, a Black Metal Pickaxe or better. A good set of armor and an arsenal of weapons will help you, too. You will be venturing into the Mistlands, an area of mystery, long-dead giants, and godawful visibility.

How to farm soft tissue in Valheim

I have the easy job of telling you how to get it, but good luck actually finding it.

Valheim: How to Farm Soft Tissue - Guide giant skull

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  • Skulls of dead giants – These long-dead leviathans lay strewn around the Mistlands. Their skulls contain the soft tissue you’re looking for. You’ll need a Black Metal Pickaxe or better to lobotomize these sleeping monsters.
  • Dropped by dead Dvergr  – It might seem unfair to kill the friendly little guys, and when you do they won’t quickly forget. These Mistland munchkins farm soft tissue in Valheim, so may drop some when killed.
  • Looted Dvergr crates – The tiny guys have to store them somewhere, but keep in mind they don’t take kindly to you smashing the crates. These crates containing the material can be found in their structures.
Valheim: How to Farm Soft Tissue - Guide dvergr base

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How to find the Mistlands

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Mistlands is a tricky area, and until you have done some serious legwork, you won’t find it. The Mistlands spawn far away from the players’ starting location, usually ensuring you have earned your stripes. One does not simply walk into the Mistlands.

This biome is displayed as a gray and dark purple color on the map. Another very telling sign of Mistlands is the mist, if you can believe it. If you can’t see your gauntlet in front of your face, you’ve made it.

Valheim is available on Steam now.

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