Valheim Portal Guide Fast Travel Teleport

A lot of open-world games nowadays have a fast travel system. Thankfully, Valheim also has one, though it can take a while before you can get it up and running. Here’s our guide to help you with the Portal structure for fast traveling.

Note: Valheim is currently an Early Access title. As such, mechanics and content may change in due course. For more information, check out our Valheim guides and features hub.


Valheim: Fast traveling via the Portal

Once you’ve obtained a piece of fine wood, you’ll unlock the Portal recipe. It can be built anywhere on land as long as you have a Workbench nearby.

Anyway, you do need a few materials for a single Portal:

  • 20x Fine Wood – Chopping these down requires a bronze axe (or a rampaging troll).
  • 2x Surtling Core – These are usually obtained while exploring Burial Chambers.
  • 10x Greydwarf Eye – Greydwarf mobs in the Black Forest biome drop these. You could even look for Greydwarf Nests in the region (seen in the image below). These regularly spawn more Greydwarf-type mobs so you can happily farm the resource.

Valheim Portal Guide Fast Travel Teleport 1

I mentioned that those materials are just for one Portal, right? Well, you actually need two Portals since they’ll be connected to each other. As such, double the number of resources I listed above for each pair.

All right, once you’ve built your first Portal, choose a name for it. Then, head to a point of interest that you’ll often come back to such as Haldor’s campsite. Construct another Workbench here as well as your second Portal. Choose the same name for this, too.

Vlh Pr Fstrv 1

Since the tags are similar, these two devices will be connected. You’ll be able to fast travel back and forth these areas with ease. Just remember that you can’t bring along any ores or smelted bars with you.

Note: Only two structures may be connected to each other. If you build a third and set the same name/tag, it won’t work. As such, you’ll need to craft another pair if ever you need to teleport to a different location.

Valheim Portal Guide Fast Travel Teleport 2

Valheim is available on Steam as part of the Early Access program. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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