Valheim Guide Where To Find Surtling Cores Burial Chambers

Valheim guide — Where to find Surtling Cores and Burial Chambers

Dungeoneering time!

Surtling Cores are an important resource to farm in Valheim, and you’re likely to do some dungeon delving in Burial Chambers to find them. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Note: Valheim is currently an Early Access title. As such, mechanics and content may change in due course. For more information, check out our Valheim guides and features hub.


Valheim: Finding Surtling Cores and locating Burial Chambers

Valheim emphasizes open-world sandbox gameplay, but you’re free to set a goal when it comes to progression. One such objective is obtaining Surtling Cores in the world. These materials become very important after you’ve beaten Eikthyr, the game’s first boss. Normally, the progression would lead you to the Black Forest biome next.

Indeed, Surtling Cores can be found in the Black Forest since the region also has Burial Chambers. These mini-dungeons are dimly-lit, and you’ll end up battling skeletons or rancid remains (elite versions that can poison your character).

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Anyway, due to the procedural generation and map seeds of Valheim‘s worlds, there’s no exact location for the Burial Chambers dungeon type in the Black Forest. You’ll simply have to explore until you come across one.

The good thing is that Hudin, the raven, will appear to let you know that you’ve found one. Likewise, you can open the map and place a marker in case you want to track the location.

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As mentioned, Burial Chambers have several undead mobs. Also, the darkness can be a detriment, so make sure you equip a torch on your off-hand.

Try to check all the rooms. You’ll spot chests (some of which contain coins and gems for Haldor), yellow mushrooms, and, of course, Surtling Cores. Furthermore, you might spot a runestone that provides you with the location of the Elder, Valheim‘s second boss.

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So, what exactly can you do with Surtling Cores? Well, you can construct the smelter and charcoal kiln to prep for more advanced gear.

Likewise, you may build wards or a portal that lets you fast travel back and forth locations in Valheim‘s world.

Note: Just to clarify, Surtling Cores can drop from other sources too. But, the early-game objective is to amass these from Burial Chambers. Other sources include chests, as well as Surtling mobs (which can be found much later in the Swamp biome).

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Valheim is available on Steam as part of the Early Access program. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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