Valve responds to public concerns about their security practices, opens new security page

Members of Valve’s fanbase, across their different games, have written an open letter regarding their security program. Valve has responded in kind, but not really in a way that addresses all these concerns.

The letter is too long to reproduce here, but basically, the fans are taking issue with Valve’s informal bug bounty program. Valve incentivizes fans who report bugs with in-game rewards.

The issue is Valve is not fully transparent in how they implement these rewards. As a result, the fans have found cases where erroneous and outright false bug reports were rewarded. There are even cases when valid bug reports resulted in penalties. They also feel Valve may not be rewarding bug reporters enough, and they could make the prcess easier.

Valve’s response reveals that they have opened up a new security page, to make the process more transparent, and of course, make bug reporting easier. The fans welcome this action but stress this does not address all concerns.

You can see Valve’s security page here.

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