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Vampire Survivors has been nothing short of an indie success story since it was released into early access in December 2021. The pixelated roguelike has a simple premise that tasks players with surviving increasingly deadly hordes of monsters for 30 minutes while leveling up their own abilities and weapons. Developer poncle has been adding more value to the experience over time with new characters, maps, weapons, and much more. Now, the developer has confirmed that Vampire Survivors will be getting a new engine on PC, as well as future DLC.

In a new post on Steam, the developer thanks fans for their support during 2022. Poncle notes that version 1.0 of the game was well received and contained more content than the developer initially had planned. The game also received its first DLC and received ports to Xbox consoles and mobile devices.

A shiny new engine and a bright future for Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors will be shifted over to a new game engine on PC in the future. The game is already running on a new engine on its console and mobile versions. However, due to issues with the porting process, the developer did not have the time to make this change on the PC version before the end of 2022.

Poncle notes that it needs to develop a game launcher first so that players can choose which version of the game they wish to play, and with the options they chose. This will be “particularly challenging on Steam Deck,” but the developer will be working on this early this year. Poncle detailed some of the improvements that PC players of Vampire Survivors can expect when the new engine arrives. More realistic game physics, fidelity, and improved hardware compatibility are among these.

Finally, the post ends with the confirmation that more content will be coming to Vampire Survivors outside of the new engine. Future content packs containing new characters, stages, and weapons will come to Vampire Survivors, but the pace of patches may slow down a little in 2023 overall.

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