Publisher Focus Home Interactive held a trade event for its games in France today (or, yesterday now, probably,) which included the reveal of a new DONTNOD-developed action RPG called Vampyr.

Here’s the PR team Dead Good Media (who handle Focus titles, among others) tweeting about it:

There’s not a whole lot of additional information out there about Vampyr, nor any other images besides the one in that tweet. But SixthAxis appear to have either had a reporter at the Paris-based event, or somebody feeding them details, because they have a little more on the game.

It’s apparently set just after World War One, and you’ll play as a doctor who’s been treating for the infamous Spanish Flu from that period which managed to wipe out more people than the conflict itself. Bitten by one of his patients, the doc finds himself turning into a vampire. Or a vampyr. One of the two.

Some sort of layer of moral choice will be present, centered around the dichotomy of a doctor who needs to continually kill (or at least feed on a fair amount of blood) to survive. Vampyr is said to be an action RPG, but whether this refers to a Diablo-esque aRPG or a third-person combat type title is not entirely clear. I’d guess the latter.

This is said to be pretty early in the development process, so it has no release date. Nor is a PC version even confirmed, but most (maybe even all) Focus games tend to wind up on PC.

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