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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is getting a free content update next week on November 8. With this update comes a new map set in a snowy village, and the first of a “two-part adventure map pack.” Of course, there are also a handful of fixes and improvements coming to the game. And for players who have yet to purchase Vermintide 2, it’s free to keep this weekend until November 7.

Vermintide 2‘s latest free update is called Trail of Treachery, and the main focus here is on the new mission. The goal is to escort a caravan through the snowy mountain terrain down to the village of Tockstadt. And to say that the village is having a bad time would be an understatement. This mission is just part one of a two-part storyline, with the second half coming sometime in 2023.


Since we’re starting to enter winter, it seems like the perfect time for a map like this. And the calm setting of the snowy landscape may do well to complement the gory action of Vermintide 2. It certainly seems to nail the harsher dark fantasy aesthetic that Vermintide 2 is well known for at this point. The second part of the map pack should hopefully bring in something just as cool.

In terms of patch notes, the 4.8 update isn’t bringing a lot of changes. One of the bigger fixes notes that a crash that could happen after the prologue has now been resolved. Then other problems like enemies walking on invisible floors or players losing health when they shouldn’t are fixed as well.

Vermintide 2 Trail Of Treachery Screenshot

Grab Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for free

If you’ve been wanting to check out Vermintide 2 for a while, then make the most of this free weekend. Once you do, the game will be in your Steam library forever, so it’s worth doing even if you aren’t in the mood to play it right now. Plus, since Warhammer 40K: Darktide is just around the corner, it would be good to get some horde-killing practice. Plus, the new free content coming to Vermintide 2 will help fill in the gaps as you wait for the next game by developer Fatshark.

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