Videogames Good For The Brain

Earlier this week IncGamers reported findings from neuroscientists showed playing action videogames, and specifically first person shooters, can help improve the eyes’ contrast sensitivity.

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Speaking to Renjie Li, one of the researchers on the project at the University of Rochester, Li confirmed that videogames are an excellent complimentary exercise for your brain and help improve the efficiency of your sensory perceptions.

“It’s about how your brain processes information, especially sensory information like vision and hearing,” Li told IncGamers.

Speaking specifically about the visual benefits, Li went on to explain why playing these games is better than watching TV or even playing a board game.

“Videogames consist a lot of unpredictable events.  You have to pay attention to everywhere at all times. The other point is that action videogames are fast paced and you need good aiming skills.  There is also the issue of perception, and playing videogames helps you sharpen your perception abilities.”

But it’s not just the paying attention and the pace of the game, there is also the issue of engaging the brain.

“There are also factors like motivation to play videogames, and playing action videogames is a lot of fun, which help the brain work more efficiently.”

The benefits are also spill to resolving medical problems such as Amblyopia, a condition better known as lazy eye.  Li has told IncGamers that complimentary and alternative medical treatments for the eyes have already begun using videogames, and that we can expect more in the future.

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