Vivendi, the parent company of Activision-Blizzard, appears to be looking to offload the publisher in order to raise some quick cash for its own ailing finances. According to multiple “sources” that are said to be close to the situation, companies including Microsoft, Time Warner, China’s Tencent and various private-equity firms have been approached as potential buyers.

60 percent of Activision-Blizzard is owned by Vivendi, who (it is estimated) could raise a possible $10 billion USD from a sale. Both Time Warner and Microsoft declined to comment on the matter.

Vivendi’s chief executive, Jean-Bernard Levy, stepped down last month. Following his departure, the company has started a strategic review into ways to restructure the business. Activision-Blizzard brings in plenty of money, but if Vivendi needs a lump sum injection of cash, it may see the publisher as a rapid way to achieve a short-term financial boost.

“Every option is on the table”, according to a Vivendi spokesperson, but the company declined to comment on any specifics involving Activision-Blizzard.

Source: Reuters

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