September 5th, 2017

Wargame: Red Dragon’s new screens are all aboat boats


The Wargame: Red Dragon beta has been updated with warships, and Eugen have released some gorgeous screenshots to prove it.

Wargame: Red Dragon is out in a week (a lot schooner than I expected) and the game’s early access version now has so many boats you’ll ship yourself. All sorts of combat ships can now be used in your grand tactical battles, you’ll likely have to craft new strategies to use them to their fullest while mitigating the enemy’s use of them. Frigate about them and you’ll be destroyer-ed, I’m sure.

You can pre-order now for £29.99 (with 25% off if you own Wargame: AirLand Battle) to get access to the beta, though with the game due out on 17 April, you may just want to wait for reviews. Up to you and whether you want that 25% discount, I guess.

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