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Tech and research: The Challenges of the Dark Gods

The Beastmen have a particular twist when it comes to their techs. The top section has four techs with additional options. The bottom section has eight techs that are independent of one another.


These “main techs,” as I call them, all require you to complete a specific task/challenge. Once you’ve done that, you can research the tech which can be completed in two turns. The remaining techs at the top section (the additional options after obtaining a main tech) will simply have you waiting for a few turns until they’re researched.

Anyway, here are the techs that have challenges:

Tech Effect Challenge Requirement
Plight of the No-Horns +3 melee attack and +4 leadership for Ungor Herd and Ungor Spearmen Herd. Create a Herdstone.
The Unnatural Order +10% charge bonus for Gor Herd and Centigors. Win five ambush battles.
Empire of Beasts -3 siege holdout time for enemies; +10% missile resistance during sieges. Win five siege battles.
Days of Wrath +10 armor for Minotaurs. Perform two Rituals of Ruin.
Horns of War Lords and embedded heroes gain the “Guardian” passive (+15% physical resistance AoE aura). Win a battle with at least four heroes in your army.
The Strong Survive +20% Dread gain from battles. Have three characters reach level 15.
Messenger of the Bray -50% hero action cost, -10% enemy hero success chance, and +15% campaign line-of-sight. Perform five successful hostile agent actions.
Primal Fury Units gain the “Primal Fury Upgraded” passive (+melee attack, charge bonus, speed, and immunity to psychology). Kill or wound five faction leaders.
The Warherd Ravages +10% campaign movement range. Win four battles in a single turn. Taurox can easily do this on his own, but other Beastmen leaders might need the help of other armies.
Kadon Unleashed +2 uses of “Transformation of Kadon” (Feral Manticore) and +1 use of “Savage Dominion” (Cygor). Summon 10 units in battles. This can be done over time.
Dominate the World +20 Winds of Magic reserves and -25% miscast base chance. Create Herdstones in three different climates.
Consume Order -10% Winds of Magic cost and cooldown for Beasts, Wild, Shadows, and Death spells. Win battles against enemies of four different cultures.

Okay, let’s go ahead and discuss some nasty tips and tricks with the Beastmen. It’s time to look at the last portion of our guide.

Tww2 Bstm Rwk Gd 3

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