Warhammer Online: Latest Grab Bag

Mythic has released another Warhammer Online ‘Grab Bag’ article which features questions about the game answered by the developers.

This issue tackles several topics including “What does having a five-star capital city really mean? What opens up when a capital city is at five stars?”. Developers respond:

“New quests and areas open up, and special NPCs, such as Felix and Gotrek in Altdorf, appear. The special NPCs provide an additional encounter for capital city invaders. So, it’s always best to attack a city when it’s at Rank 5! Also, a rare PQ NPC will appear in each capital city, when it is at Rank 5 and in a peace state, that the city’s inhabitants can participate in.”

Many other questions, including ones about gameplay, graphics and loot, are tackled my Mythic. Check out the full Grab Bag at Warhammer’s official site.

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