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It’s been five years since the first Warhammer: Vermintide sent rats barreling into our lives. Since then, the series has won numerous awards, sold millions of copies, and, if I had to guess, let us hack and slash apart trillions of rats. All those accomplishments are certainly worth celebrating. For its 5-year anniversary, Vermintide has a few special things planned, including a community challenge and a shark hat.

A shark hat in a medieval rat-smashing simulator? What in Reikland is that about? If you’re a fan of the Vermintide series, you probably know that it’s developed by an independent studio called Fatshark. Fatshark. Shark hat. That’s pretty much the whole story behind that. If you’d like to get your hands on, or your head in, the Obese Megalodon hat, you need to hop into Vermintide 2 between October 21 and 25 and complete the requisite mission. The hat will then be unlocked for all heroes.

Vermintide 5 Year Anniversary Shark Hat

The height of monster-slaying fashion.

All for one and 555,555,555 for all

The Vermintide 5-year anniversary celebration is driving players into a rat rampaging frenzy with its community challenge. Fatshark has set a target of 555,555,555 dead pactsworn. If the community manages to reach the target before the timer runs out, the developer will gift players two triple XP weekends back-to-back.

If players fail to reach the target but manage to kill over 300,000,005 pactsworn, Fatshark will gift one weekend of triple XP. There is a live counter keeping track of the murderous mayhem. You can check it out here.

Vermintide A Quiet Drink

The anniversary mission, A Quiet Drink, also returns for the 5-year anniversary. It features the Ubersreik 5 trying to enjoy a less blood-and-guts filled evening in The Hungry Troll Tavern. Obviously, everyone is soaked in gore by the end.

The last thing to know about the Vermintide 5-year anniversary celebration is that you can pick up a range of game bundles for 75% off. Head over to Steam to check them out. And don’t forget your Vermintide 2 shark hat.

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