warlords of draenor collectors edition

That’s a lot of discs.

Every time somebody devalues the word “epic,” Beowulf has a little cry. Blizzard are the latest culprits, describing some of the extras in the newly-announced Warlords of Draenor Collector’s Edition as “epic in-game content.” The word “content” is a hallmark of bland commodification too, but that’s a discussion for another day.

So, what are these extras? Presumably they’re some sort of early work of literature, chronicling the adventures of some of humanity’s earliest heroes. Or, if not that, something unusually impressive. Because those two things are what the word epic, means.

Nope. It’s virtual “Dread Raven Mount” and “Dread Hatchling” WoW pets, StarCraft II portraits, a Diablo III pennant and some cards for Hearthstone. Fine and everything, but pretty standard stuff for a Collector’s Edition. Nice to have for Blizzard fans, but nothing to write a famous poem about. And definitely not epic in the slightest.

I know Blizzard aren’t the only ones doing this, but it needs to stop before people start calling mundane facets of everyday life like cereal or tax returns epic.

Oh well.

There are physical bonus bits too, including a two-disc DVD and Blu-Ray “Behind the Scenes” documentary thing, the expansion’s soundtrack, a 160 page art book and a “Blackhand” mouse pad.

As mentioned in yesterday’s cinematic reveal, every edition of Warlords of Draenor (whether Collector’s, digital deluxe, standard or whatever) comes with a freebie level 90 boost for one of your characters. The expansion is coming out on 13 November.

The Collector’s Edition will sell for $90.00 USD.

Peter Parrish

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