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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 02 is just around the corner and Activision has outlined numerous updates that are on the way. Some, you may recognize from the original Warzone, while tweaks specifically to Al Mazrah should bring about greater balancing.

Season 02 will see the return of the 1v1 Gulag and the Domination-style flag control point, which will replace the Jailer. To ensure the Gulag is better suited to 1v1 combat, some adjustments will be made to the map. Also, Gulag loot will be altered, removing shotguns from the rotation and adding assault rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns. Cash will spawn in the Gulag to reward you for moving around the arena. If you achieve the gulag victory, expect to be granted more cash to get you back in the action as soon as you return to the battlefield.

Season 02 will make Warzone 2 feel a little like the first game

Another change that will be popular is the removal of vest sizes, and all players will start with a 3-Plate Vest. In addition, movement speed will be increased while plating, and you’ll be able to bust through doors while performing the action to get to cover quicker.

As already announced, cash distribution will be balanced across the map. You’ll be able to find cash on the ground, in containers, and by opening white Stronghold Supply Boxes. Notably, cash will no longer be hidden in basic and legendary Supply Boxes. In addition, the lowest value of cash piles from the ground will be increased to $800 and $500 from cash registers.

Customizable perk packages will make their debut in the upcoming season. At launch, the number of perks available will be limited, allowing the developers to monitor them and keep them balanced.

Within the Warzone 2 Season 02 update, a number of stability, audio, and UI improvements will roll out to hopefully make Warzone 2 a smoother experience.

Warzone 2 Season Two update

Image by Activision

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