Warzone Pacific Fortune's Keep Inside Of Walls Glitch

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 4 dropped the biggest content update in a long time. Apart from new weapons such as the Marco 5 and the UGM 8, the season introduced us to Fortune’s Keep. The latest map has provided fans with a fresh experience and a switch up from from Rebirth Island. With that being said, Season 4 came with some stability issues. One issue is allowing players to get inside of walls in Warzone Pacific‘s Fortune’s Keep.

A player posted a clip of the glitch in action on the Call of Duty: Warzone Reddit page. As you can see from the clip, the squad is shot from an unknown location. Then, they decide to run inside of a building with the hope of getting to some cover. However, the danger was actually inside of the building, as they are faced with even more bullets. No one could not figure out where they were coming from.


The whole squad was wiped out, and the kill cam revealed all. Two enemy players were hidden inside of a wall and they could see through it. This left the squad with no fighting chance, while the players breaching the wall were able to get some easy kills. Fellow Warzone Pacific fans took to the comments to share their experiences and frustrations with this glitch.

Players should not be able to breach walls in Fortune’s Keep for much longer, we hope

The glitch allowing players to get inside of walls in Warzone Pacific‘s Fortune’s Keep is not exactly new. In the past, players have been able to breach walls in Caldera and even all the way back in Verdansk. Raven Software has been able to patch this type of problem before, so hopefully the issue can be taken out of Fortune’s Keep for good. To keep an eye on the bugs and glitches the developers are working on, keep an eye on the Warzone Pacific Trello Board.

Squad and I were literally across the street trying to figure out who was shooting at us before pushing and finding out. Smh. from CODWarzone

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