Wasteland 3 Colorado Springs Garden Of The Gods

Wasteland 3 walkthrough: Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods

Meet the Sheriff
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Garden of the Gods

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Bellamy Ward asks for your help. But first, interact with the switch next to one of the plants. It’ll disintegrate the rocks to reveal a chest.

The next clearing has several Dorseys. Weird Science 4 or Hard Ass 4 leads to additional outcomes; the latter lets you arrest them, too. Speak with Bellamy after.

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The nearby nook has traps (Explosives 2) and a generator to open the gate (Mechanics 2). Have one character step on the wooden plate, and another should access the terminal so you can restore power (Nerd Stuff 3).

The locker has Optilaser 9000 which requires Cyborg Tech.

Wsl3 Wlk 3 3

There are lots of enemies in the next area. If Perception is high enough, you’ll spot a hidden path up the slope.

Loot the pile for Shrink Grenades and a Karen doll. It doesn’t demand to speak to the manager. Instead, it gives +1 Perception for the whole squad.

Wsl3 Wlk 3 4

Kill the wastewolf mobs, then interact with the PAL computer. Max out the photon collection and activate it. It’ll continue scorching Dorseys while the battle is ongoing.

Examine the pit (Perception 1).

Wsl3 Wlk 3 5

Important: Go up the hill and you’ll meet Isaac Reed (Lucia’s boyfriend) and other Hundred Families preppies. There are multiple ways you can handle this situation:

  • Let Lucia shoot him – This is followed by additional options (i.e., let Isaac bleed to death or let Lucia finish the job). These will cause the other teens to become hostile and you’ll have to kill them all. The Hundred Families faction will absolutely dislike this act.
  • Let him go – Isaac will happily return home. This will boost your standing with the Hundred Families.
  • Arrest him – You can either send him to Sheriff Daisy’s jail or back to Ranger HQ’s brig.
  • Exile him – It’s assumed that Reed and co. will perish in Colorado’s harsh wilderness.

Wsl3 Wlk 3 6

Whatever the case may be, you’re done with the Garden of the Gods. It’s time to head back to Colorado Springs to visit Little Vegas Casino.

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