A new PC patch for Watch Dogs 2 should be out now, focusing on improved EasyAntiCheat integration. One specific problem that’s been ironed out is that the EAC system is now compatible with “MSI Afterburner (Guru3d RTSS v6.5.1, v6.5.0, v6.4.0, v6.2.0)”. No need to use older versions of RTSS any more.

Beyond that, there are a few Watch Dogs 2 fixes. For example, a “rare crash” that happened when firing a weapon has been addressed. “General stability improvements” are claimed too.

Here’s the list of changes for

• Updates to EasyAntiCheat integration o Adds compatibility with MSI Afterburner (Guru3d RTSS v6.5.1, v6.5.0, v6.4.0, v6.2.0):

– Fixes Crash on launch] EAC / DotLocal DLL error message issue

– Improves known issue [Multiplayer] Anti-cheat Software / Not Enabled. If you are still experiencing this issue, please review the FAQ [support.ubi.com]

– Other compatibility improvements

• Mexican Spanish available for Steam players in Latin America

• Fixes [Steam] [Extra Content] Missing Content / Twitch, an issue that prevented Steam players who received the Twitch Prime bundle to see it as installed in-game.

• Fixes [Bug / Glitch] Full Gallery] known issue where players with Windows accounts with non-ASCII characters were seeing problems

• Fixes [Crash on launch] Disc Error / Steam issue

• Fixes issues where Xbox One controllers were not being recognized properly via Bluetooth

• General stability improvements during gameplay (e.g. fixed a rare crash when firing a weapon)

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