Ubisoft have released a nice big bag of DLC for Watch Dogs which boasts three brand new single player mission as well as new weapons, outfits and perks.

The single player missions include:

The Palace: Players must sneak into the home of an internet mogul and wipe his computer of information about Aiden Pierce and then silence the mogul himself, all before the police raid it of course.

Signature Shot: Aiden must break into a Viceroy stronghold to get his hands on a sweet new gun called the Biometric Rifle which will only fire for the person who first holds it. The rifle is great for both long range shots and close firefights.

Breakthrough: Aiden needs to take down some corrupt CEO’s  but to hack them he’ll first have to track down their jammers which are being driven around Chicago.

The DLC includes the Biometric Rifle, the burst fire Auto-6 Pistol, new clothes, bonuses, perks, and boosts. You will also get a Deadsec Battery Boost which will give your phone an additional battery, a weapon boost which reduces recoil and decreases loading times, plus a driving boost which will give your vehicles bonus hit points and an ATM hacking perk which will put more cash in your wallet.

The DLC is free for Season Pass holders or can be purchased for $6.99. The Season Pass can still be bought for $19.99.

Source: Ubi.com

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