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London is a pretty big place, so you’re going to be covering a lot of ground in Watch Dogs: Legion. But what’s the best way to cover said ground? Well, this is a GTA-inspired game, so, yeah, you’re gonna want to drive a lot of the time, duh. But, unlike those games, you don’t ever have to steal cars. See, this time around, a lot of the cars are self-driving. If you look on the windshield above the driver’s side of a car, you’ll see an “A” icon. When this is lit up, that’s the easiest way to immediately tell that the car in question has no driver. You just need to walk up to the car and the enter prompt will appear right overhead. This doesn’t count as stealing and won’t get you in any trouble whatsoever.

“But that’s not something you’d need to write a whole guide for!” Right you are, observant hypothetical person! And that’s because there’s more to it than that! Watch Dogs: Legion has a lot of collectibles on top of buildings, and you won’t exactly be able to reach those with a car, now will you, smartypants? Instead, you’ll need to use a cargo drone, which is also super easy. There are square icons all over the map that indicate a drone summoning spot, and all you have to do is highlight it with your phone and you can summon a cargo drone. Then you just hijack the drone, lower it to the ground, return to controlling your character, disengage, and then climb onto the drone. Oh, and if you hijack it again, you can fly wherever you want. Seriously, you can fly over all of London.

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You won’t just find collectibles on rooftops in Watch Dogs: Legion. There are plenty in restricted areas. But it can take a bit to guide your character through these and then guide them back out. This is why, if you want to grab collectibles as quickly as you can, you should go into these areas with the spiderbot. In fact, two of the earliest tech things you should unlock are the upgrades that make the spiderbot double jump and sprint. Sprinting will let you run through restricted areas faster than you’d be able to with a character and double jump will allow them to reach areas they couldn’t otherwise. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to have both of those.

You can also cloak your spiderbot briefly with its third upgrade, which can allow you to tear through restricted areas even faster, as you can cloak and run by an enemy even if they’re looking right in the spiderbot’s direction. It makes it even easier to grab those masks, tech points, documents, or what-have-you. Plus, spiderbots can open crypto safes. For the most part, they can do everything a character can do, albeit with less functionality, so it typically makes sense to send them into harm’s way instead. After all, it’s not like a spiderbot can get arrested or get put in the hospital.

Also, and I should have opened with this, but there are fast travel spots all over the city. You just hover over them on the map and press a button, which lets you go anywhere immediately. Oops.

Head over to our Watch Dogs: Legion guide hub for the rest of our hints and tips on setting London free.

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