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Weird West abilities guide – The best weapon skills

Let’s talk about the best skills or abilities when it comes to your weapons in Weird West. Class or character-based abilities tend to be different. However, those that are weapon-based tend to be similar across the board. As such, you might want to pick a specific weapon type for a character and one or two corresponding skills.



  • Lightning Rounds – All bullets are infused with electricity for eight seconds.
  • High Noon – Fire a single shot at every target in your sights (maximum of six shots).
  • Fan The Hammer – Fire all the remaining bullets in your magazine at a single target. This is one skill you’ll want to have if a character uses a revolver. It deals massive burst damage, but the AI can sometimes trigger this at the wrong time (i.e., an enemy is behind cover).


  • Rapid Reload – Fire shells without having to reload for five seconds. This is a fairly decent option.
  • Explosive Shells – Fire an explosive round that detonates on impact; uses two shells.
  • Both Barrels – The next shot deals critical damage and has a 100% chance to make enemies bleed; uses two shells.

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  • Bullet Hail – +20% firing speed for 10 seconds; successful hits increase your firing speed further.
  • Right Between The Eyes – The next shot is a guaranteed critical hit that ignores armor.
  • Sentry Silencer – The next shot is silent and deals +200% damage to unaware targets. This is a great skill to have on a character that you’re currently using. It’s unbelievably useless for a main character that becomes a companion later on since the AI can’t initiate combat on its own.


  • Swift Shots – Increased fire rate for 10 seconds.
  • Heartfinder Arrow – The next arrow shot ignores armor and causes bleeding.
  • Splash Arrows – All arrows deal AoE damage for 10 seconds; will apply fire, poison, stun, or armor-piercing if a corresponding effect is also active.
  • Ambush Arrow – The next arrow stuns the target for five seconds. This is a nice skill due to the debilitating stun.


  • Bloodthirsty – +50% damage for 10 seconds; +100% damage if the target is already bleeding.
  • Spinning Strike – Strike all enemies around you, stunning them for three seconds. This is an awesome skill for tanky/high HP characters. AI companions like Pigman Cl’erns and Pigman Joe will use this to great effect.
  • Adrenaline – +50% melee attack speed for 10 seconds.
  • Charge – Rush the target and deal high damage.

All right, let’s go to the next part of our Weird West abilities guide to talk about character-based skills.

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