What movies are playing in High on Life?

What Movies Are Playing In High On Life Feat

Say you purchase High on Life and quickly grow tired of its gameplay and humor after a few hours. Surely, there’s some way you can justify that money spent? Well, fear not, because High on Life offers a substantial side activity for fans and detractors of the game to enjoy. Namely, it just so happens to feature four full-length movies to watch in between bounties. Even better, these come in the form of classic horror films from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s rather than original productions made for the game. So what movies are playing in High on Life?

Movies are playing in High on Life

In the living room, you can turn on the TV and watch three of the four movies available: 1978’s Vampire Hookers, 1987’s Blood Harvest, and 1994’s Tammy and the T-Rex. The fourth film, 1990’s Demon Wind, remains exclusive to the movie theater, which you first need to unlock.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through much to access the movie theater. You simply spend three Warp Crystals on the Movie Theater Warp Disc at Blorto’s Chef Stand and then go to the Upper Valley sector in  Zephyr Paradise. From there, you run to a nearby blue beacon and select the warp disc you bought to materialize the movie theater. By unlocking it, you will automatically obtain the ‘We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie’ achievement.

An unexpected cameo

Upon sitting down to watch Demon Wind, three aliens will provide commentary throughout the entire film. If you have been around the proverbial internet block, you will probably notice that these aliens have the voices of the main trio of Red Letter Media, a popular YouTube channel that specializes in movie reviews and other film-related content. Indeed, High on Life got Red Letter Media to voice an entire commentary track for one of the movies in the game. So if you consider yourself a fan of Red Letter Media, you may want to buy High on Life just to listen to it.

High On Life movies theater Demon Wind

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