Wuthering Waves Echo Hunters
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Wuthering Waves Echo Hunters guide: All target locations and Silver-Haired Echo Trainer quest explained

Where are the target Echoes located in Wuthering Waves?

Echo Hunters is one of the first events in Wuthering Waves. To complete it and earn a bunch of free Astrite, all you need to do is hunt down five target Echoes, level up your Data Bank, and complete a quest called Silver-Haired Echo Trainer.

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This is actually much easier than it sounds, but a lot of players are struggling with Echo Hunters because of the confusing UI and menus that you have to shuffle through in order to track down your targets. Once you get the hang of things, however, you can cross the event off your list in no time.

All 5 Target Echo Locations in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Target Echo Location
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The main part of the event is tracking down all five target Echoes. The game seemingly doesn’t give you any hints, but you can actually click on the blank pictures of each target Echo and the game will show you exactly where to find them on the map. You don’t even need to pay attention to the available clues.

Just click or tap one of the pictures and you’ll be taken to your Echo Gallery. It’ll say “This Echo has not been unlocked yet,” but you can click the Track button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to open the Echo Hunting menu. From there, just click the Detect button and you’ll be shown the exact map location of that Echo as well as information about its weaknesses and resistances.

Ultimately, you’re hunting for these five Echoes.

  • Diamondclaw
  • Traffic Illuminator
  • Chaserazor
  • Hoochief Cyclone
  • Cyan-Feathered Heron

Just defeat these creatures and then absorb their Echoes to add them to your collection to complete this part of the event. If you slay them but they don’t drop an Echo, you’ll have to find another and keep trying until you get lucky.

How to Reach Data Bank Level 10

The second part of the event requires you to reach Data Bank level 10. Increasing your Data Bank level is an important part of progression in Wuthering Waves, so it’s important to learn the ins and outs of the system now.

Wuthering Waves Data Bank
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Your Data Bank level determines the drop rate of Echoes, the highest rarity of Echoes that you can absorb, and your total Cost limit for equipping Echoes. You can earn Data Bank EXP by collecting unique Echoes (duplicates do not count). As you register more unique Echoes to your collection, you’ll upgrade your Data Bank and earn Astrite and other rewards along the way.

To reach Data Bank level 10, you need to be at least Union Level 20 so you can upgrade your SOL3 Phase. You’re prevented from upgrading your Data Bank that far until you’ve crossed that threshold, so you can’t just farm Echoes right off the bat to knock the event out of the way.

Upgrading your Data Bank level is not only important for improving your chances of obtaining rare Echoes, but also for upgrading your stamina. Each Data Bank level will grant you a small boost to your maximum stamina, making exploration much easier.

How to Complete Silver-Haired Echo Trainer

The final part of the event requires you to complete a side quest called Silver-Haired Echo Trainer. You can track the quest directly from the Echo Hunters event page, but you can also find it in your quest log as well. The Echo Trainer in question is located in the town of Jinzhou, so head there to start the quest.

This is a fairly straightforward quest that teaches you the basics of hunting down new Echoes and upgrading existing ones. All you need to do is defeat some enemies and upgrade one of your Echoes with the tuning system to unlock a substat for it. You’ll be rewarded with a small sum of Astrite for your trouble along with some Union EXP and Shell Credits.

That’s all there is to the Echo Hunters event in Wuthering Waves. It’s not as complicated as it seems on the surface, and it’s an easy way to earn some additional Astrite to pull for limited characters like Jiyan or Yinlin.

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