Catty Corner Ball Of Yarn

Fortnite’s Week 7 challenges have arrived. It is not unusual for Fortnite to send players around the map searching for items. This week, you are required to discover balls of yarn in Catty Corner. As the water levels continue to gradually fall, new named locations are appearing on the map. Catty Corner is one of many locations that was not present last season. If you were not already aware, Catty Corner is located on the southeastern area of the map. It is just to the south of Lazy Lake and Retail Row.

Once you arrive in Catty Corner, there are four balls of yarn. You are only required to find three balls of yarn. The balls of yarn are quite noticeable due to their large size, and they are purple. Starting on the outside of Catty Corner’s fences, there is a platform. Here, there is a treasure chest and a dangling fish head. On the top of this platform, you will see the huge ball of yarn. Next, the second ball of yarn is located at the well known Catty Corner vault and you will find it in the crate. Although the first two balls of yarn are located quite close to each other, you are required to cross the street to make it to the final one. Simply head towards the back of the gas station, and the ball of yarn is at the bottom of the stairs.

Catty Corner Yarn Loacations

Catty Corner Warning!

There are some obstacles you may encounter when completing what sounds like a straight forward challenge. This area of the map is riddled with Henchmen—AI bots that can be deadly. You can overcome this by trying to kill them all and clear the area. However, you may want to take a more tactical approach and use one of the nearby phone booths to disguise yourself as a Henchman.

This challenge is one that is definitely worth completing as you will be rewarded with 35,000 XP upon completion.

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