Where to find Hopetown and HopeTech in Starfield

Starfield Hopetown After Arriving From Fast Travel
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In Starfield, you’ll explore multiple galaxies and pilot numerous ships. Their manufacturers operate massive shipyards. Some of those yards float in the atmosphere over distant planets, while others are a little more down to earth. One of the leading manufacturers is HopeTech, a small city named after its founder. Here is our guide telling you where to find Hopetown in Starfield.

Starfield – Where to find Hopetown

Ron Hope is the mind behind Hopetown, which is the home of the HopeTech shipyard. The vessels and parts produced at the facility are admired throughout the galaxy. You may come across the planet on your own and find activities to keep you busy, or you may make several visits while working for the Freestar Collective Rangers faction. You will find Hopetown on the planet Polvo in the Valo system.

Starfield Valo System Showing On Starmap Next To Narion

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you look at the Starmap, you won’t see Valo. It is right next to Narion, which is the displayed name. Narion, in turn, is not far from the game’s starting point, the Alpha Centauri system. When you move the cursor over Narion, press a button to confirm, and then choose the Valo system from the list. Inside Valo, you’ll find Polvo positioned to the left of the glowing sun. The planet is marked by the usual icon that indicates when a planet contains a large settlement.

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How to find HopeTech in Starfield

HopeTech is a building in HopeTown, and will be right next to the landing pad when you touch down in HopeTown. Look for the building with ‘HopeTech’ in stylishly plastered in gold. The entrance to the large building is located to the right.

Hopetown has a few attractions. Within the main HopeTech building, you’ll find most of the location’s NPCs. However, some of them are outside or in adjoining areas. You can see a Ship Services Technician near where you appear after you fast-travel. He’ll sell you a variety of nice ships if you have enough credits. You can also buy HopeTech ship parts for use in the Ship Builder. Make sure to explore the area thoroughly before you leave.

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