Mw3 Zombies Mimics
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Where to find Mimics locations in MW3 Zombies

Don't you dare spawn behind me!

Why would you want to endlessly kill hordes and hordes of regular zombies when you can just face particularly hard special zombies and hope you don’t die trying to survive their attacks? Here is where to find Mimics in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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MW3 Zombies: Where to find Mimics?

Whether you are trying to complete a specific daily or weekly zombie challenge or just trying to spice things up a bit, encountering Mimics is always both a thrill ride and a dangerous situation to be in. It is no mystery that these creatures can take you down at once if you are not careful and, I mean, look at them! They’re horrifying! But setting aside my fear of monstrous and flesh-eating monsters, Mimics do appear quite often in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. So, if you want to encounter Mimics, you will have to put in a bit of extra work.

Aether Nests

Modern Warfare Zombies Clear Aether Nests
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Visiting these small environments may sound like a normal and not that scary activity to be part of. Yes, getting rid of those zombie cysts can be quite unpleasant, but you know what is worse? A random Mimic can appear out of nowhere and knock you out just as you are about to pick up any loot that may appear on the ground. It is a rare occurrence, but it has happened before and will continue to happen.

Infected Strongholds

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Find And Freeze Mimics
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Now, picture yourself an even bigger Aether Nest and you will have an Infected Stronghold. Multiple rooms, floors, a lot of zombies, and the possibility of spawning multiple Mimics that act as mini-bosses of sorts. Your gas masks won’t save you from their attacks, so keep firing until you defeat them.

High-Value Contracts

Modern Warfare Zombies Frost Bite Freeze Mimics
Image: Activision

Finally, if you pick up a High-Value contract, you will be tasked with killing a special zombie. And since the Mimics are a type of special zombie, you will be directed straight to its location. This will take away the element of surprise, so you can prepare a couple of Pack-A-Punched weapons for this encounter if you want to get rid of them promptly.

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And there you have it! Remember that the Mimics will use their transformation abilities to camouflage themselves in either instance. You will need to keep an eye out and listen closely since they will also spawn in the overworld in random spots, more commonly in the Medium and High-Threat areas.

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