Where to find New Atlantis in Starfield

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Starfield is a massive game with a lot of possible things for you to do in the galactic open-world. You can spend time making yourself a new ship, looting different planets, or even finding some new companions and crew for your outposts and ship. One of the things you can do is head to the various different settlements around the galaxy and trade and complete quests, one of these locations is the big city New Atlantis. This city is pretty important to the story as it’s where you have your homebase as Constellation and you can go here pretty early on in the game. But you might not be able to find your way back again if you don’t know where it is. Here’s our guide on where to find New Atlantis in Starfield.

Where to find New Atlantis in Starfield

New Atlantis is a city that you can find very early on in Starfield, and do so immediately after you get your ship. To find New Atlantis, you’re going to want to head to the Alpha Centauri system, and then to Jemison. On Jemison you should be able to see the location New Atlantis marked that you can travel to.

Starfield New Atlantis

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What can you do in New Atlantis?

There are a lot of things to find when you head to New Atlantis in Starfield. You can partake in a lot of quests and activities here in Starfield, such as joining the UC Vanguard and even continuing the main quest. You can visit Constellation, which is where you and your crew call home base outside of your ship. There’s also a lot of vendors that you can sell and buy things from, from Jemison Mercantile to the Trade Authority.

There are even different districts that you can go to in New Atlantis that have different purposes. One of the districts of New Atlantis you can find in Starfield is the Residential District, where you can talk to various different residents, including your parents if you selected the Kid Stuff trait at the start of the game when you were creating your character.

There’s a whole host of things to do in New Atlantis, and now that you know where it is, you should have a look around and find the many things the city has to offer.

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