Where to find Quadcrasher in Fortnite OG

Quadcrasher Promo Image In Fortnite
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Quadcrashers are back, baby! That’s right, Fortnite OG has blessed us all with the return of one of the craziest stunt-performing vehicles the Island has ever seen. But just where are these mischievous little things and how can you lay your hands on one of them?

Quadcrasher locations in Fortnite

Below I’ve compiled a list of hotspots where I’ve reliably gotten hold of a Quadcrasher multiple times. Having a list of reliable spawn points is possible only because of the presence of high-potential spawn locations for vehicles in Fortnite. For example, I’ve often caught sight of a Quadcrasher inside or around named locations rather than, say, in the bare outskirts or atop a hill.

Then there are some named locations like Greasy Grove where I can almost always grab a Quadcrasher from the exact spot I found it before. Here is a list of such locations where you’re likely to find a Quadcrasher. Keep in mind that high-potential spawn locations can sometimes be hit or miss, so you might not locate a Quadcrasher at the designated spot on the map every single time.

Loot Lake Quadcrasher

Quadcrasher Location In Loot Lake Fortnite Og
Image: PC Invasion

I’ve always found at least one, if not two Quadcrashers in this place every time I went there for the sole purpose of this guide. Near the eastern border of Loot Lake, and just to the south of a stream joining the lake is a spawn point for Quadcrashers. I circled Loot Lake a couple of times but couldn’t find any more definitive spawn locations other than the one described.

North of Tilted Towers

Quadcrasher Location In Tilted Towers Fortnite Og
Image: PC Invasion

While driving away from the hectic mess that is Loot Lake in my newly acquired Quadcrasher, I discovered this subtle but handy hot spot for a single parked Quadcrasher. It’s located right at the northern border of Tilted Towers. I decided to visit it again a few more times in separate matches as soon as I landed, and lo and behold, it was there waiting for me multiple times.

The con to this spot is that there’s only one Quadcrasher which could be taken by another player and it’s not as probable to be present as in the other spots. It’s still handy though, and the reason for that is because it’s near the Loot Lake spawn point so if you’ve run out of luck there, you could try this nearby area instead, or vice versa.

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Greasy Groves Quadcrasher

Quadcrasher Location In Greasy Grove Fortnite Og
Image: PC Invasion

This is another highly likely spawn point like Loot Lake. You can reliably find two Quadcrashers parked inside Greasy Groves. First, make your way to the main square of the town by using the map in the image above as a reference. Then look around for an abandoned building that looks like a bar. Right in front of the entrance of that bar are a couple of Quadcrashers waiting for you in their balloon-marked parking spots.

Remember that Quadcrashers, or any other vehicle in Fortnite for that matter, hardly have a 100% definite chance to always spawn in a specific location. This is due to random spawning carried out for every match in Fortnite which modifies the spawn rate of all the items in the map to keep things fresh from match to match.

While Quadcrashers are available throughout the map in multiple other areas, I have not included those areas since I didn’t find some there myself more than half the time when I played.

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