Where to find the Apollo Landing site in Starfield

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Starfield is such an expansive game that you could wander and hit something by chance. Players have been going off the beaten path to see what goodies Bethesda Softworks has put in the game. Some are pretty cool while others are neat little easter eggs. However, one of the more interesting things you can find is the Apollo moon landing. Yes, the very same one that landed in the late sixties. If you like to take a stroll down memory lane and want to know where to find the Apollo Landing Site in Starfield, this guide can get you there in no time. 

Starfield: Where to find the Apollo Landing Site

The best thing about searching for the landing site is that it’s quite easy, you just need to trigger the mission. According to Reddit user Volkrov-Viking, to get this quest, simply head to the Lodge and make your way to the Constellation’s Lounge Quarters. The book that starts the mission will be on a desk.

If you jump from the main lobby over the balcony, you’ll reach a hallway, go through it and the door you’ll need to unlock will be on the left side near the end. Once you enter the room, there should be pink pillows on the far side of you. Right beside the door that you entered there should be a desk on your right. Grab the book and read it. It will give the location of the Apollo Landing Site. 

After reading the book, you’ll be instructed to go to the Sol system which is home to Earth. You should have a marker indicating the landing location which is on the Moon. Upon entering the Moon’s orbit, make your way down to the rock’s surface. Thankfully, the Apollo site is close to the landing area, so you won’t be walking for long. Once you reach the Apollo, take a picture and get the Apollo globe on the top, which I assume is to decorate your house or ship. 

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