Where to find the Lasgus Mountains in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean 2 The Second Story R Lasgus Mountains Guide
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The Lasgus Mountains is an area you can find fairly early on in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. It’s a location that offers a good area for gaining a few levels at the start of the game. Here’s how you can find it for yourself.

How to find the Lasgus Mountains in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

You eventually come to the Lasgus Mountains as part of Ashton’s quest to make him a permanent member of your party. It’s also used during a Sub Event for Ashton a little while after you meet him. So if intend on using him, the game will eventually tell you where the Lasgus Mountains are. But for those who want to get there earlier, head west from Krosse City to the red dot on the map. This will take you straight to the Lasgus Mountains.

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Star Ocean 2 The Second Story R Lasgus Mountains Location
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As a fair warning, if you head straight here after reaching Krosse and you’re under level 10, you will probably have a rough time. The enemies that appear here are very tanky and deal a lot of damage in the early hours of the game. I’d personally recommend staying away from here until you’re at least level 25 or have some good gear. But if you’re a Star Ocean: The Second Story R expert you can probably handle what the Lasgus Mountains throws at you.

In my playthrough, I came here at around level 27 with Rena and managed to get up to level 33 in just under 20 minutes. So it’s a spot that can massively help you gain some good levels. If you’re willing to come here at an even earlier point, you’ll probably see an even bigger level jump.

If you want to come here specifically to grind, there are some specialties you need to make leveling much quicker. Train will grant you more EXP in fights at the cost of lower stats for your characters. Scouting will let you increase or decrease the encounter rate. The Super Speciality Bodyguard can let you skip encounters by having party members dispatch enemies on the field straight away. If you use these abilities in conjunction, you’ll have an easy time grinding in the Lasgus Mountains.

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