Fortnite Shockwave Hammer Where To Find Locations Chests Guide
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You’re likely wondering where to find the Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 if you’ve seen what it can do. Players can use it to soar across the map, demolish structures, and damage enemies with crushing effect. It’s easily one of the best new weapons in Fortnite, and this guide will help you learn where to get it as quick as possible.

For the time being, you should absolutely have the Shockwave Hammer in your inventory due to it being at the top of the meta. Fortunately, finding a Shockwave Hammer shouldn’t be that difficult if you know where to look.

Your best bet is to open the Oathbound chests located around the map. Looting these large, ornate chests commonly rewards Shockwave Hammers. You can also find Shockwave Hammers in normal and Epic chests, though far less often. There’s even the chance of happening upon a Shockwave Hammer as floor loot, though it is rare.

More ways to find Shockwave Hammers in Fortnite

If you’d fancy a battle and to acquire a Mythic weapon, you can also visit The Citadel point of interest. The boss there known as The Ageless One wields and drops a Shockwave Hammer, along with the Mythic Excalibur sword projectile gun.

There are a few more ways to find Shockwave hammers, such as in Supply Drops, but these options are not frequent enough to justify searching that way. Just keep opening chests to secure this powerful weapon.

Fortnite Shockwave Hammer Where To Find Locations Chests Guide Oathbound

Image by PC Invasion

Once you do get your hands on a Shockwave Hammer, you’ll be able to better contend against opponents also wielding it. Since it holds up to four charges at a time, Shockwave Hammers allow you to quickly push into or out of fights, escape the closing Storm, and quickly reposition. If you find yourself in a pinch, it can even do 75 damage to up-close enemies and send them flying away. Just keep in mind that this weapon creates a lot of noise when used.

You can adjust your playstyle further with the use of Augments to get the most out of using a Shockwave Hammer. Like with all things, there are limitations and drawbacks to attempting to use this aggressive weapon. Check out our Augments guide to see how you can improve your odds of survival or just have some outright fun with this weapon.

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