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Crafting is fundamental in Starfield. It helps you keep the gear you like and make it better over time. Of course, to craft, you need the find the ingredients to do so. Since Starfield is massive, you will have to go from planet to planet, to find what you’re looking for. Aluminium is a precious metal that is used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of items in Starfield. Even though it’s a common resource, it’s still surprisingly quite scarce throughout the universe. Thankfully, like most resources in the game, you can farm for Aluminium. If you’re having trouble finding Aluminum, this guide can show where you get it in Starfield.

Starfield: Where to get Aluminum

Coming across Aluminum in Starfield is mostly random, you can either find a planet with heavy deposits of the resources or, if you’re lucky, fallen enemies may have it on them.

 Below I’ll go over the best methods I’ve found to get Aluminum. It should save you tons of time. 


If you’re a lazy gamer like me and don’t want to search for hours on end to find Aluminium, this is your best bet. Both Jemison Mercantile on New Atlantis and Midtown Minerals in Akila City yield healthy amounts of Aluminum. Going to the Jeimson Mercantile Shopkeep gives out a stack of 29 and Midtown Mineral has around the same amount of 29. Another good place to start would be on Cydonia on Mars. If you’re wandering around the main hub of Cydonia, find Jane’s Goods.

To locate this shopkeep, make your way to the Residental Section which can be entered via the stairs. The door to access the stairs will be the first door on your left just past the ramp. Follow the stairs and go till you reach an open area, and head left to the exit. Her store will be on the left of the exit. The picture

below should help as a reference. She’ll have around 17 stacks of the resource which may not seem like a lot but you can keep coming back to her. While staying in Cydonia, locate the UC Exchange which is located on the far side of the main area of Cydonia across the Trade Authority. From this shopkeep, you’ll be able to get around 15 stacks of Aluminum.


This will be the main way to get minerals outside of Aluminum, however, unlike buying the resources, you’ll need to be mining for quite some time. As mentioned, you should be on the lookout for Aluminum-rich planets or moons. To find out if a planet carries what you’re looking for, simply scan the celestial body and it should show you what’s on the planet. If there’s Aluminum, simply head down and start mining away. Just make sure you have a Cutter on you.

Thanks to some Redditors a good place to start your search is in the Narion system. Next, navigate to Sumati which is on the bottom right of the sun. After you’ve reached the planet, scan its moon Andraphon. The moon gives out varying amounts of Aluminum, but I’ve found it’s usually high. Another place to check out is the Porrima System. When you enter the system, set course to Porrmia III, it’ll be north of the system’s sun. While mining is great here, my advice would be to build an outpost because you can acquire Alumiumun passively.

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