How to mine resources in the ground in Starfield

Starfield Located Resource Vein To Mine On Mars
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Starfield is about big things like space battles, corporate espionage, and much more. Sometimes, it’s also about smaller things, like gathering resources. You can find them in the ground, for the most part. But the technique required to extract them can vary. Here is our guide explaining how to mine resources in the ground in Starfield.

Starfield – How to mine resources in the ground

You will find two types of resource deposits on your journey through the galaxy, further broken down by resource type. Many of the resource caches are small and out in the open. Some of them require a subterranean search. To mine resources in the ground, use the Cutter for smaller deposits and place mining machinery near resource veins for more substantial deposits.

Starfield Mining Lead Resource Using Cutter Near Boulders

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How to mine resources using the Cutter

As you wander the landscape, your scanner can detect various resources. You can find resources on common foliage and on small or large rock formations. Sometimes, you simply have to walk up to the resource and gather it. For example, you can find H20, walk up to the puddle of water, and harvest it. More commonly though, you need to use the Cutter.

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The Cutter is a useful tool for mining because it never runs out of ammunition. You simply point it and use the laser to wear away at a resource. To extract resources faster, aim down-sights (right-click on PC) while mining, and the process will quicken.

Eventually, the deposit breaks apart, and you automatically gather any fragments produced. This approach works for Water, Copper, and for numerous other resources such as Lead. You start the game with the Cutter in your possession, and you will find upgraded versions of them when you search enemy bodies in underground areas.

Starfield Building Outpost To Mine Lead On Mars

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How to mine resource veins using outpost machinery

Some resources require you to build an outpost. These may be the same sort of resources you can find lying about in the open. For instance, I found Lead deposits plainly visible on rocks on the surface of Mars. With my scanner enabled, I also found colored patches along the ground. The scanner lets you know what these patches contain. Colored patches your scanner detects represent resource veins. Not far from where I found Lead on some boulders, I found an entire resource vein containing the same resource.

To mine resource veins, first build an Outpost. Then, build an Extractor of the type you need. Position the Extractor over the resource vein. You also need to provide a power source and connect it to the Extractor. Finally, it’s also a good idea to build a container and connect it, so that extracted resources accrue. You can also build many other features as part of your Outpost. However, the components noted above are required to establish a working mining operation.

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