Which path should I choose in Pokemon GO: A Paldean Adventure?

Which path should I choose in Pokemon GO: A Paldean Adventure?
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Pokemon from the Paldea region are making their debut in Pokemon GO, giving Trainers a host of new creatures to fill their Pokedexes. With the introduction of Gen 9 Pokemon, we also get a new questline called A Paldean Adventure. Early on, the quest splits into three paths, and it’s only natural that we all want to pick the best one. Let me try and answer the question, “Which path should I choose in Pokemon GO: A Paldean Adventure?”

Which path should I choose in Pokemon GO: A Paldean Adventure?

The 2nd step of the Paldean Adventure quest asks you to pick a path and tells Trainers to “Choose Wisely!”

Which path should I choose in Pokemon GO: A Paldean Adventure?

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It may not be the definitive answer you’re looking for but go with your favorite, as nobody knows how the paths conclude. The introductory quests for each track are the same and are followed by a time-gated step that will take the community a few days to finish. We will update this guide if the paths differ toward the end, but right now, it seems like the only difference is the Pokemon you start with.

Unlike Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll find the new starter Pokemon in abundance everywhere. At the time of writing, all three Gen 9 Starter Pokemon have spawned within catching range of my office with no signs of slowing down. Naturally, your mileage may vary, but my area is typically barren for rare Pokemon. Personally, I went with Fuecoco because it evolves into Skeledirge, my favorite from Scarlet and Violet.

Which of the Gen 9 Starter Pokemon is the strongest?

It’s too early to declare any of the starters as the strongest until Community Day. That said, Fuecoco becomes Skeledirge, which has excellent coverage with attacks like Disarming Voice and Shadow Ball. Flamethrower is a decent PvE ability, but it will likely be replaced by something better in the future.

Sprigatito evolves into Meowscarada and has access to decent Grass moves like Leafage and Grass Knot. It has the potential as a decent Grass Attacker. As previously mentioned, we will have to wait for a Community Day for the best abilities.

Finally, Quaxly evolves into Quaquaval, which has great Water moves like Water Gun and Liquidation. Right now, Fuecoco is arguably the best for utility, but we can’t say for certain.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and play Scarlet and Violet, have you given the Mewtwo Tera Raid a go? If not, check out our guide, as it’s one of the most demanding challenges a Pokemon Trainer can face.


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