Why is Weapon Tuning off in Modern Warfare 3?

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Modern Warfare 3 isn’t out yet fully, but it’s getting some much-needed positive buzz. While some players are turned off by its massive size, you can look forward to an annoying feature (at least to me) not being present in Modern Warfare 3.

If you’re familiar with weapon tuning and didn’t like it, we’ll explain why Sledgehammer Games is removing it from Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3: Why weapon tuning is being removed from the shooter

For players such as me, it’s great knowing Sledgehammer is listening to us. Thanks to feedback that the studio has gotten over the feature, it looks like the developers are paying attention to our needs.

Weapon tuning, which was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2, has been completely removed from both games. So, if you log into MW2 right now, it probably won’t be there anymore.

Why did people not like the feature?

There are several reasons why weapon tuning was disliked. From being overwhelming to not changing the weapons much, players felt like it was an unnecessary feature altogether.

Weapon tuning allowed you to further upgrade your weapons based on whatever build you’re trying to create. So, if you wanted your gun to have great handling, you’d adjust the slider. However, this did come at a cost of other areas like fire rate or damage being compromised. It allowed you to spend time experimenting with different builds.

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What’s replacing weapon tuning?

It looks like Aftermarket Parts is the feature that will take over what weapon tuning was. The feature does act similarly: you need to unlock it after a certain point, and you can enhance your gun through this system. However, the main difference is that Aftermarket Parts will change how your gun acts entirely. This could make investing in a weapon that you like worth it.

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