In this article published by IGN, Luke Karmali writes about an interview he did with the design director for Shadows of Mordor, Michael de Plater. The article is packed with new info and details that make this sound like a Lord of the Rings game with a lot of potential. As a hardcore Tolkien fan, who becomes giddy whenever a new game centered around Tolkien’s Middle Earth is announced, I’m beginning to feel like this is a game I could get seriously hyped for.

The article explains how the developers, Monolith, are really taking responsible steps with Tolkien’s work and they certainly seem to be going out of their way not to butcher the license or be careless with it. It also reveals how the game has been shown to Peter Jackson who has been very supportive and that WETA Workshop (the people who make the props for Lord of the Rings and The Hoobit) have been working alongside Monolith to create realistic weapons and virtual “props” that look the part. Now If you’ll excuse me, I need to try and calm the fan boy in me. Whilst I do that, you go read the article HERE. See you in Mordor, friends!

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