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Following the announcement of the Japanese Wii U launch date earlier today, Nintendo has confirmed the dates for the console’s European and North American releases.

In Europe the Wii U will be released on 30 November, following the US launch on 18 November.

Two packages will be available on day one, the Basic and Premium models. The Basic pack comes with a white, 8GB Wii U with a single Wii U Gamepad. While the Premium package includes a 32GB Wii U, one Gamepad, a charging stand for the Gamepad and a Premium subscription that gives discounts on digital games/DLC.

The Premium package will also come with a Wii Sensor Bar (for using Wiimotes) and a copy of NintendoLand. Nintendo indicated that the sensor bar is not included in the Basic pack because it believes buyers will already own a Wii and thus already have one.

No prices have been given for the European packages.

In the US the Basic pack will cost you $299.99, and the Premium $349.99.

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