Wild Hearts team promises CPU bottlenecking patch following PC performance complaints

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Wild Hearts officially launches on February 16. But thanks to EA Play, those with a Pro membership have been able to check the game out a few days early. And there’s certainly been some excitement for those that have seen what the game’s all about. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few performance issues affecting Wild Hearts, including a CPU bottleneck. The developer is well aware of these problems, though, and is working on a patch.

The CPU bottlenecking issue appears to be one of the biggest problems affecting Wild Hearts at the moment. It’s causing some rough performance issues even on certain PCs with mid-range or high-end CPUs. Luckily, the developer is working on a patch that should arrive sometime next week. It’s not quite soon enough to land for the game’s official release, but at least the developer is aware of the problem. Wild Hearts is also missing DLSS and FSR support at the moment, but these are due to arrive at a later date.

Wild Hearts‘ CPU bottleneck is affecting its performance

Players who checked Wild Hearts out early have been met with below-average performance. And this has caused some distress in the community. Some players are reporting problems even when the graphics settings are set quite low. One player posted about their experience on Reddit. Even at a 720p resolution, they were still getting low fps on an RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 5 5600X. This is likely an example of the CPU bottleneck that Wild Hearts currently suffers from. Another player also called the game ugly in certain instances. So it’s clear that there are some issues for the developer to iron out.

Wild Hearts Cpu Bottleneck

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Additionally, it doesn’t seem like Wild Hearts runs very well on the Steam Deck. According to SteamDeckHQ on Twitter, the game doesn’t “hit a stable 30 FPS with all settings turned to low,” which isn’t very good news at all. The Steam Deck is now the go-to gaming device for a lot of PC players, so having optimal performance is a must. This is something that Omega Force can still fix. But if you’re planning on picking the game up when it officially releases, you should be aware of these existing issues.

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