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Will Trees Grow Back Sons Of The Forest
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One of the most important and bountiful resources in Sons of The Forest are trees. You can get logs by chopping them down, which are used to create structures for your base. Making sure to have enough logs to support your crafting and building is important for survival. If you’re wondering whether trees that you cut down in Sons of The Forest will grow back, we have an answer for you.

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Sons of The Forest – If a tree falls in the forest, will it grow back?

The good news is that yes, new trees will start to grow after you cut others down. Luckily, this will happen automatically, and you don’t have to plant new saplings. This valuable resource will grow back after a few days of surviving on the cannibal-filled island. Out of all the things you need to worry about in this game, deforestation isn’t one of them.

Will Trees Grow Back Sons Of The Forest Stump

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Even if you cut down a whole forest, you’ll notice after a few day and night cycles that trees begin to sprout back. For now, there’s no way to take a tree sapling and plant it where you want. But since Sons of The Forest is still in Early Access, there’s a chance that this could change. The other good news is that if you want to get rid of a tree stump that’s in your way, you can break it with any axe.

One important thing to remember: tree stumps need to exist in order for more trees to grow. Only break the stumps if you need to clear the area. If you want to regrow the forest, keep the tree stumps in tact. It may take quite awhile to grow back, but it’s better than running out of trees to chop down. Hopefully this guide answered your question of if trees grow back in Sons of The Forest.

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