September 5th, 2017

Win a copy of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

On the 22 May Neocore will release their sequel to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing but perhaps you’ve not played the first game. Fear not ARPG fans! With the help of Neocore we can sort you out.

We have numerous copies of the first game to giveaway in the form of shiny Steam codes so you could be taking Mr Helsing and his quirky sidekick Katarina for a spin against the forces of evil prior to the sequel’s release. We rather liked the first game and characters can be carried over to the sequel so that’s just another reason to enter and start playing.

To be in with a chance of snagging a key all you need to do is post a comment below. You have to be registered and logged in when you post your comment so we can send you your Steam code via PM here on the site.

Good luck and watch out for a new interview for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 here on IncGamers this week.

This is unrelated, but while we have you here I may as well mention that we just opened new forums for the site so do pop in and say hello in the introduce yourself thread.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • jamie8093

      ive never played this but does look good 🙂

    • Stephen C King

      Been wanting to try this, might be cool!

    • Red Aloia

      Lets give it a try 🙂

    • BlackLink

      Tried Diablo III recently, it would be interesting to compare the two.

    • DBraveZ

      So far, played Diablo 3 (my favorite), Torchlight 1&2 and Path of Exile and I would love to try Van Helsing (I love lore from it, so I guess I would enjoy).

      GL all 🙂

    • AuMister Bo

      Put me in.
      Hoping to win a copy for my son. Its time he found out Van Helsing is as much fun as Diablo III.

    • ?????? ??????

      This game is amazing , count me in .

    • Toxicc Csonly

      Send me the code please 🙁

    • neyojim

      i’d really like to try this game out, i like the visuals and the dungeon crawling style.

    • Aunder Rednua

      Thank you for the giveaway!

    • mircdxno

      The game looks cool, I would like to try this out 😀

    • Blaze1408

      Thank u very much INCGAMERS for this awesome opportunity.Always wanted to play Van Helsing lets see who wins..GL to all

    • Dino Stankovic

      In the voice of Madonna – GIVE IT MEEEE, YEAH! NO ONE’S GONNA SHOOOWWW MEEEE… HOW!

    • Static_FX

      Looks like a better version of D3 🙂

    • Valentin Duran

      the best rpg of the moment, i would really like to own it!

    • Vlad

      I really want to win this because i want to test it, I like it ! 😀

    • Daniel Stoilkovski

      I’m going to get lucky 🙂

    • Francisco Vargas

      Lets give it a try jiji

    • Borussien7

      I can’t wait to play this, so please give me a copy! 😀

    • decode

      damn , i want this game so much , dunno what to play at the moment(

    • Riste

      I wanna get one, its awesome

    • Romulo Vitoi

      Want this so bad T_T

    • Jan Šimor

      I just want datasisk 🙁 pls

    • Tasos Kalaitzis

      Looks awesome!

    • Marios

      One of the best games out there.

    • Sebastian Ushiromiya Czeski

      I’ve loved VH 1, and i think that VH2 would be even more cool!

    • Kaines1234

      I want try this game

    • col92

      I really want to win its Looks awesome!

    • Zwer1337

      Always wanted to try it out.The game looks badass

    • Lücy Skye

      I want this game!!!!

    • Vidács Gergely

      best game!!!

    • Bonniee Dewitt

      THNX for the awesome chance

    • JonathanTof

      Lets give it a try 😉

    • Alexandru Ciubotariu

      i heard it’s better than Diablo… so i want to try it…

    • Karneegeek

      I hope i win!!

    • DragoElite2

      I love it

    • David Antunes

      I will be honest i never played this but if i win and like i im certain to buy the sequel 😀

      Hope i have some luck

    • Rosewell

      Watched a lot of gameplay since it came out, played Diablo III and I think I like a lot more Van Helsing. With luck I will be able to try this out!

    • berni

      From all the videos I have seen so far this game looks very interesting, I’d like to play it because I love games with chars and items and inventories and a lot of monsters invasions 😉

    • Tomáš Mezl

      ok 🙂

    • Vlad Redkin

      Wow, give away for Van Helsing, very cool!!
      Would really like to play that game and then the second part!!!!

      In my opinion its a Diablo 3 KILLER!

      I hope I will receive a key!

    • Ordnaxx

      I love hack’and’slash games. I’ve played Diablo II and now I’m playing DIII.
      I want to win one copy of this game, because it looks awesome and I like climate of this game! 🙂

    • MaaTko

      Awesome game, can’t wait 😀

    • Dune Atreides

      It’s an entertaining game. I hope I will win!

    • Devon Colson

      sounds interesting. I stake my claim! 🙂

    • Wafiiq Coowar

      I wanna try the first game
      perhaps i’ll buy the sequel then

    • Carlos Eduardo

      Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    • marcojlima

      Hello to all =)

      Thank you very much for the opportunity to win such an amazing game =) Good luck to all 😉

    • Bruno_Miguel_G

      Thanks for the chance to win such a game that I really want to play so bad 😉

    • AndreiaFilLopes

      Thank you for letting me join this giveaway and to win this great game =D

    • Raza

      I’ve been watching the game development since the beta for Van Helsing 2 and I’m really intrigued by the game play mechanics. Thanks for the chance to win the 1st Van Helsing game, I’ve been wanting to play it for a while now.

      • mhraza

        Yay, I can finally register onto incgamers since before the registration kept looping. So I couldn’t register onto the site and had to sign in with steam. Anyways I’m happy to be apart of this site now!

    • Qiaozhikang

      It’s been a long time since I played Diablo II and this one will satisfy my appetite for ARPG, thank you incgamers 🙂

    • Bradley Arth

      I would like a key please

      I was able to login with google, however if I login with my username then I get an error on the website about looping.

    • Felype Augusto Leitão

      I would like a key please

    • Paul Younger

      Thanks for the looping report. We’ll look into this right away!

      • Felype Augusto Leitão

        I couldn’t load my profile page, gives me a error:

        “Oh Arse! 404 page not found!
        We can’t magic up non-existent pages you know!”

    • gomuninguen

      I was gonna buy this when it was on sale a while ago, but something else caught my eye and I bought that. Would be nice to get a chance to play it now.

    • felypesued

      I love Van Helsing Series, I would like a key…

    • Paul Younger

      Drum roll please. The winners are….
      Vlad Redkin
      Wafiiq Coowar
      Bradley Arth
      Devon Colson

      The lucky winners will have been sent a PM with their Steam Key. Thanks to everyone for entering and watch out for our Can Helsing 2 interview very shortly!

    • Vlad Redkin

      Thank you awesome site!

    • Wafiiq Coowar

      Thank you 😀
      I got it 😀

    • berni

      Amazing, Thank You!
      Already read your van helsing review some days ago and looking forward now to read the van helsing 2 interview 😀

    • fattypirate

      Looks good never played the first one.

    • LaiQianYi

      I like to win this one, yay !