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There’s a new arcade racer on the horizon and its name is Pacer. Rhymes aside, Pacer from developer R8 Games looks like a major throwback to Wipeout, the PlayStation racing series. In Pacer, vehicles don’t stick to the ground, as it’s all about anti-gravity racing, just like Wipeout. The team released a new Pacer trailer that includes a release date for just next month.

Pacer is looking to introduce some more modern features when it launches, though. Yes, you guessed it— Pacer is getting a battle royale.

The battle royale inspired “Storm” game mode has yet to see a proper reveal. R8 Games isn’t shying away from the mode’s inspiration, but it will be a smaller version of a battle royale, supporting only 10 players online. The game contains other single and multiplayer modes too, so if you’re sick of the battle royale genre, you’re still covered. Here’s a quick developer rundown on Pacer’s features:

  • Highly customizable craft – choose from five craft types, then head to the garage to fully customize your look, performance, tuning and weaponry.
  • Race the world – with 14 unique and challenging tracks with interchangeable variants (Night, Mirrored, Reverse) giving up to eight different ways to race any given circuit.
  • Choose your mode – There’s eight game modes including Elimination, Endurance and Pacer’s unique “Flowmentum,” along with the Battle Royale inspired “Storm” mode.
  • Campaign mode – develop from a trainee Pilot and advance through 10 unique race teams to become the Pacer world champion.
  • OST – featuring original tracks created by Tim Wright, or CoLD SToRAGE (of Wipeout fame).
  • Optimized for Online – with 10 player multiplayer and Online Ranked Mode you can see how you compete against the best in the world, with Online Tournament/Spectator Mode for easy streaming and fun events at all levels.

Speed demon

The Pacer release date reveal trailer shows the game at a blistering speed, along with its matching soundtrack. This one looks like a fitting homage to Wipeout, and hopefully the gameplay can match. Pacer launches September 17 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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