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In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, one of the greater mysteries is the house that belongs to Zhu Xia. When you first encounter the building, the front door is locked. Once you solve that problem, you’ll find the house’s owner has also misplaced the key to the back door. Here is our guide on how to find the key needed to open the back door of Zhu Xia’s house in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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You need the right key to open the back door of Zhu Xia’s house in Wo Long

Once you access the Hidden Village and start exploring, you’ll find a few points of interest. Near the lowest level, you meet Zhu Xia. She has locked herself out of her house. We previously told you how to find the key to Zhu Xia’s front door. However, that good deed doesn’t get you as far as you might suppose.

To open the back door of Zhu Xia’s house, you need to find another key. The second key is located fairly late in the game, in the Puyang region.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Puyang Dead End Chamber With Taoists Backyard Key

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As you start through the Puyang region, you soon receive notice that a shortcut lies directly ahead. You are encouraged to go the long way around, since a powerful enemy blocks the path. Follow that advice and proceed through the area. As necessary, lower the water level a few times to access the lowest tunnels. Near the end of the stage, you climb a ladder and pass through an entryway that looks like a giant tiger’s mouth.

The ensuing tunnel is patrolled first by a snake creature and some wizards, then by more snake creatures. The snake creatures are powerful, especially in a group. Proceed cautiously and look for a hallway branching off the left side of the wide main corridor. It leads to a dead end and a spider guarding the Taoist’s Backyard Key.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Hidden Village Treasure Chests

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Grab the key, which you can use the next time you stop by Hidden Village. Hand the key over to Zhu Xia and she will let you use it to open the back door. In her yard, you’ll find several treasure chests. Talk to her again to exchange items for keys that open those chests.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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