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Most of the time you spend with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be on the battlefield. There are moments of relaxation, however. A lot of those center on Hidden Leaf Village, where there is a house with a locked door. You can enter it eventually, though. Here is our guide for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, telling you where to find the key to the hidden house in Hidden Village.

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Where to find the key to the house in Hidden Village in Wo Long

Hidden Village is a hub area you access rather early in the campaign. Once you visit for the first time, you can travel to the destination quite easily from any battlefield. It’s a great way to make changes to your character if you run up against a barrier you simply can’t pass. The village has several attractions of note, including a house near its lowest level that you can’t open without a key.

To find the key to the house in Hidden Village, head to the Mt. Tianzhushan area. It’s your next destination after you first arrive in the village. The stage finds you wandering through a bamboo jungle with Hong Jing, before ascending a mountain to face a powerful foe.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Taoists House Key Gator Miniboss

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Near the end of your climb, you’ll enter a cavern. There are a few enemies in this area, including one very large gator. It bursts forth from the soil to surprise you as you pass through an open area. Carefully tend to that enemy, then raise your battle flag on the nearby pedestal.

The key is not far from the pedestal. Head uphill from where you raised your battle flag. The path splits. You can head right to soon reach the area boss, or left past a spiked rodent. For now, follow the main path toward the boss. As you start around a bend, look back the way you came. You should spot a glowing point nestled against the base of a moss-strewn rock formation. Check that glow to acquire the Taoist’s House Key.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Taoists House Key Found On Mountain Path

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Once you have the key, take it with you to the locked house in Hidden Leaf Village. Talk to the house’s owner, who will be grateful. Then head inside the building to find a chest you can open for some decent gear. However, the house also has a back door that your current key won’t unlock. You’ll have to find that key elsewhere.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and PC Game Pass.

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