Wargaming.Net’s MMO tank sim World of Tanks is gearing up for launch and today pre-orders opened for budding tank commanders.
The pre-orders include exclusive Heavy, Medium and Light tanks for players who pre-orde rup until 12 April, Players will gain access to gold available for a limited-time special price and one of the exclusive tanks.
American and European players can select one of the following:

Heavy Package: 25,000 gold and the unique American tank M6A2E1 just for $90 (American), €75 and £63 (European)
Medium Package: 18,700 gold and the unique German tank Pz. Kpfw. V/IV just for $67 (American), €56 and £47 (European)
Light Package: 12,500 gold and the unique Soviet tank A-32 just for $45 (American), €38 and £32 (European)
Pre-order gold is on average 10% off the release price.

“The launch of World of Tanks is the culmination of our tireless efforts over the past three years to bring players the most complete, full-featured, and action-packed online game they’ve ever experienced”, says Nick Katselapov, producer of World of Tanks. “We have been very fortunate to have had about 500,000 tankers testing the game through closed and open betas, and we are looking forward to a wave of new players after the release.”
North Amercain gamers can pre-order here and Europeans should head here to get their order in.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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