World of Warships meets Transformers in unexpected mash-up

World of Warships Transformers

This September, Transformers arrives in the naval warfare title, World of Warships. In what seems like an unlikely crossover, Autobots and Decepticons will be introduced to the game. They’ll take shape as themed ship skins and commanders, in an update due in September. Other new content includes special Transformers containers, dedicated game tasks and combat missions, expendable camouflages, commemorative flags and patches, and more.

Four iconic Transformers characters will be released initially, as unique ship skins and commanders. These will have recognizable phrases and voice overs from the Transformers franchise. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee enter the fray for the Autobots, where Megatron and Rumble will be available for the Decepticons. Just how these characters will inform battles in World of Warships remains to be seen. The short trailer does give us a glimpse at the characters in action though.

More than meets the eye

The colors on show do contrast somewhat with World of Warships‘ typically realistic visual style. The mash-up will offer something different though, for fans of the series and Transformers alike. The series usually gets more down-to-earth content updates like the Swedish warships update, which dropped earlier this year. The Transformers content launches on the PC version’s fifth anniversary though, so maybe the team thought it was time for an alternate take.

World of Warships Transformers

“Generations were raised with the Transformers franchise. Starting from the 1980’s animated series all the way to the latest movies, we instantly fell in love with the robot characters that captivated our imagination. Having the chance to feature them in World of Warships is a dream come true for many of us,” said executive producer Philip Molodkovets in a press release.

The World of Warships’ Transformers update arrives in September on PC. The game is available free to play on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and


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