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Few things are more enjoyable than solving puzzles. But what about solving puzzles in two different worlds simultaneously? Now we’re cooking with some odorless, naturally occurring substance. World Splitter, a puzzle game where players must carefully balance between two worlds to save critters and make it to the exit, is going to grace PC on April 21. Why, that’s just a month away. I love pointing out horribly obvious things. The game also has graphics and makes use of movement and colors.

But don’t just take it from me. World Splitter has a brand-spanking-new gameplay trailer available that shows off its puzzle-solving aspects. The trailer demonstrates the game’s use of its twin-stick mechanics that allow you to carefully navigate between two worlds by both rotating and moving a line. The game is set to launch on PC and consoles for just $19.99 USD, and it can be pre-ordered and wishlisted on Steam right this instant.

World Splitter sees players taking control of a little dude who has to use the splitter powers to carefully navigate levels. He does so to save as many multi-colored creatures as he can before exiting via the right side of the screen. Each level also has a time trial medal for players who want to go for the gold.


Right in two

I previewed World Splitter rather recently and found it to be an engaging experience. The splitting mechanic is rather novel and requires players to use level geometry and physics in creative ways, whether they’re trying to carefully lift themselves up a piece of terrain or dramatically hurl a dangerous foe into a bottomless pool of water. I’m looking forward to the full version of the game and will likely be reviewing it. Make sure and check back with us in April and we’ll have a full review ready to go.

Andrew Farrell
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