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While Brad Pitt’s World War Z might not be receiving a sequel anytime soon, you don’t have to look far to satiate your zombie-killing thirst. Saber Interactive’s 2019 release World War Z is preparing for a major influx of content over the coming months – all for the low, low price of free.

World War Free

The official World War Z Twitter account dropped the news first, releasing a content roadmap spanning Q4 2019. The content was broken up into two separate updates. “Update four” consists of two new maps, a new weapon, and the introduction of a ranking system. Meanwhile, “Update five” introduces the new “Horde” mode, a new zombie type, and crossplay support (although no further details have been released about what systems will be able to play together).

In addition, World War Z will receive two separate paid DLCs. One consists of four weapon skins, and one contains four character skins. These DLCs look to be purely cosmetic, and it’s refreshing to see a developer releasing so much free content alongside their paid cosmetics.

A blog post on the official Focus Home Interactive forums expanded further on the updates:

Coming soon, Season 2 is bursting with new features and community-requested content:

• Two challenging new PvE missions set in Moscow and New York
• The highly anticipated introduction of a wave-based horde mode – Horde Mode Z
• A volatile new zombie type
• PvE crossplay support
• The ability to prestige rank up for new weapon skins and perks
• A fiery new weapon and new cosmetic items

Our first season of free content included the Weekly Challenge mode, “The Undead Sea” Tokyo mission, the six-skulls extreme difficulty setting, as well as the introduction of cosmetics and character skins.

A no-brainer

Saber Interactive seems to be quite dead-icated to breathe new life into World War Z, and that’s no surprise considering its overwhelming success. After one week on the market, the title surpassed one million copies sold worldwide. Within its first month, World War Z was barreling towards two million. Focus Home hasn’t offered a sales update in recent months, so it’s difficult to tell how well World War Z has performed as a whole. But an influx of free content can only benefit the game’s playerbase.

If you’d like to paint the town dead in Season 2, you can purchase World War Z exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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