Team17 has shocked the world by announcing another Worms game.
This time, however, the little squeeky-voiced chaps will be engaging in a demented form of crazy golf. Hence the title, Worms: Crazy Golf.
As before, the game will be presented in a sideways-on fashion and feature “some mind-bendingly mental power-ups” across a bunch of “weird and wonderful courses”. Three courses of eighteen holes each, to be precise.
Naturally there’ll be four-player multiplayer, so you can put each other off as you try to navigate “castles that teleport your ball, cannons that shoot it across the landscape and … obstructive comedy bats”.
Worms: Crazy Golf will be released later this year on PC (through Steam), PS3 (through PSN), iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Be careful not to lose the tiny pencil they give you to fill the scores in with, they’re very rare.

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