WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Patch Notes – All changes coming

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World of Warcraft has now released the final raid for Dragonflight, and while it may appear the content stream is done for this expansion, some exciting new changes are coming in 10.2.5, Seeds of Renewal.

World of Warcraft Patch 10.2.5: Full Patch Notes So Far

While the chances of us getting a 10.3 patch look rather bleak, there are still some exciting additions for players to look ahead to, as the WoW developers appear to be chugging along with some remarkable changes in store.

Seeds of Renewal, we can assume, is going to conclude the story of Amidrassil, the world tree that we protected during the recent raid, along with potentially closing up any storylines that will tie into the next expansion, The War Within.

One addition that fans are looking forward to is the ability to dragon-ride their mounts all around the world of Warcraft, not just within the Dragon Isles. This means that, yes, players will be able to soar through Stormwind or throughout Thunder Bluff on their beloved dragons, but at 80% speed of that, we can ride in Dragonflight.

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In regards to the other patch notes coming in 10.2.5, Blizzard has outlined the following.

  • Dragonriding unlocks worldwide
  • Azerothian Archives
    • We speculate that this could be related to some of the lore behind the void, which can tie into the story of Xal’atath.
  • Reclaiming Gilneas
    • This will be a nice side quest for players, as it’s time we make our mark back on this ravaged town.
  • Dragonflight follower dungeons
    • These are going to be for new players or ones that don’t necessarily know how dungeons work in WoW, and they’ll be a guided experience with NPCs.
  • Dragon Isle Epilogues
    • Again, more endpoints of the mainline story of Dragonflight
  • Troll and Draenei customization options
  • Love is in the Air holiday update
  • More Warlock Demon customization
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

So, quite an abundance of content is coming in the next little while for WoW players, and the story tie-ins are going to be quite interesting, as we don’t really know how The War Within is going to begin after the conclusion of Dragonflight.

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