Wreckfest Backwood Bangers

In the next Wreckfest tournament, farming is taking a new direction with the “Hellvester” vehicle addition. As the name suggests, this one ain’t your typical farming vehicle, as it looks more like a monster truck than a tool for precise crop harvesting. Nevertheless, it’s probably pretty decent for smashing other cars into bits and pieces, which is the overall premise of Wreckfest. The Summer Smash tournament is up and running now in Wreckfest for PC.

Alongside the new vehicle, a selection of tournament challenges are available for the duration of the event. Enter these, and you can unlock the Hellvester for use after the tournament. That means that while this wacky vehicle is designed for the Summer Smash tournament, you’ll still be able to use it for general Wreckfest fun after the event concludes. Sadly, no new track has been announced with this update, and there aren’t any fresh liveries for vehicle customization.

Destruction Derby

There should be epic crashes, neck-to-neck fights over the finish line and brand-new ways to destroy metal with this new vehicle. In fact, there are often unique moments presented in Wreckfest, with its true-to-life physics system created by developer Bugbear. The game has been built on since launch too, with multiple updates bringing extra tracks, seasonal events and more. Substantial customization and multiplayer options are present too, and all in all, Wreckfest brings a unique racer to the market.

The game has filled a gap in the market for proper vehicle smashing fun. Developer Bugbear used to make the FlatOut series before being acquired by THQ Nordic in 2018. While those games were decent, Wreckfest hits on all the right Destruction Derby notes, providing a modern take on arena-based vehicular combat. The physics are a noticeable step up from FlatOut too, and Wreckfest’s crashes are incredibly satisfying.

Wreckfest’s Summer Smash tournament, complete with the Hellvester vehicle, is now available on PC.

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